Serania is an immersive text-based RPG that seamlessly merges the best elements of RPGs, choose-your-own-adventure stories, visual novels, and interactive fiction.

Your peaceful village is ruthlessly attacked, propelling you into a desperate escape from the relentless pursuers known as the Blackblades. A dangerous quest to uncover the secrets of your mysterious ancestry begins, and your survival hinges on your astute choices and resourcefulness.

You'll make branching choices, explore the game world, engage in turn-based combat, have dialogues with NPCs, enhance character abilities, manage your inventory, solve puzzles, and undertake side quests as you unravel the mystery.

Based on the mobile version, but completely rewritten for PC, Mac and Linux, with extended story, maps, combat system, and hundreds of visuals to enhance the story.

Animation, showing player navigation and choices in the game

Engage and Explore

Experience the progressive flow: You read the game action as it happens.

You can move around in the game world to explore, while at the same time progressing in the branching story.

Gather items and examine, combine, use or trade.


Fight against many different opponents, gain experience and upgrade your skills.

Use weapons that you find, and team up with allies to defeat the greatest opponents.

Making advanced tactical choices becomes intuitive with the multi-level choice system. Balance the advantages and disadvantages of each move, and find the opponent's weaknesses.

Animation showing a battle sequence in the game
Screendump from the game, showing the inn keeper in the game.

Friends, foes, and an engaging story

You will meet many characters on your journey. Choose how to interact with them.

Who can help you, who can be trusted, and who knows more about your secret ancestry?

Enjoy the coherent artwork, sound and music enriching the experience.