Serania - Path Of The Scion
Serania - Path Of The Scion

Fact Sheet


Escape the Blackblades and uncover the mystery of your ancestry. "Serania - Path of the Scion" is a fast-paced, choice-based role playing text adventure, set in a Nordic style medieval fantasy world.

The king's feared Blackblades are suddenly hunting you. But why? You are just a simple villager. Escape and uncover the dramatic events surrounding your ancestry. Find friends and fight foes. Discover forgotten places, work undercover in the town, go on side-missions and gradually solve the mystery.

Using a hybrid approach that includes elements of RPGs, choose-your-own-adventure stories, visual novels, and interactive fiction, the goal of this game is to provide an easy-to-read, intuitive, and engaging adventure.


  • Immerse yourself in a rich story: Take in the coherent experience of text, illustrations, background art, sound, and music, enriching the game's story and atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the easy reading: Experience the narrative as it unfolds via an effortless reading setup, eliminating the need to read long pages of text.
  • Make rich choices: Utilize a unique choice-with-subchoices design for intuitive decision making which extends to complex actions like inventory puzzles and combat tactics.
  • Explore the game world: Navigate freely within the gradually opening game world, undertake quests, gain experience, and unravel the mystery.
  • Interact with NPCs: Engage with a varied cast of characters to learn, form alliances, and uncover new quests.
  • Engage in RPG combat: Participate in fast-paced fights using the progressive combat system, allowing a multitude of variations and strategies against individual or groups of foes, with or without fellow companions.
  • Manage your inventory: Pick up, examine, use, buy, and sell items and equipment.
  • Build your character: Gather experience to upgrade your character and enhance abilities.


Once upon a time, Peter Ravnholt, the solo indie developer behind this game, went through some life-changing events and decided to do something crazy:

Combining his talents and spending all spare time for a couple of years designing, writing, programming and composing to create a game in the relatively small text-based RPG niche.

Why? Quoting Peter: "Sometimes you just can let go of an idea. Text-based games do not have to be tedious to play. There is much innovation happening in this genre, and here is my take on how to get people immersed in reading, playing, and having fun. I feel that I'm just getting started here, and hope to bring more engaging, story-driven games to the players."

"Serania - Path of the Scion" was initially released on mobile in 2021. Being well received, the game is now being completely rewritten for PC and Mac, with new design, new features, and extended story.